AmpLab_LogoAt the Applied Moral Psychology Lab, our topics and collaborators are multidisciplinary:

  • Cognitive science
  • Philosophy
  • Linguistics
  • Sub-fields of psychology: social, clinical, political, and moral psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Organizational behavior

We investigate applications of moral psychology findings & run experiments examining basic questions about moral cognition and social-moral psychology of language. See research page for more info.


Beyza Gultekin

Research Assistants 

Joseph Outa 

Isobel Munday 

Oliver Eccleston 

Zhimeng Li

Yue Li

Cristina Leone


Research Assistant – Description: The Applied Moral Psychology lab (PI: Dr. Laura Niemi) invites applicants for  Research Assistant positions at Cornell University beginning Spring or Summer 2021. Terms of appointment can vary. For information contact: Laura Niemi, Ph.D. (, Uris 244.

Lab Alums
Lab Coordinator 

Cristina Leone 

Research Assistants

Marko Kljajic 

Natalie Boychuk 

Michael Warchol 

Zissis Hadjis 

Louisa (Zi Ting) You 

Camilla Balbis

Aurelio Falcon


Gina Roussos