My dissertation research was advised by Dr. Liane Young and conducted at the Morality Lab at Boston College and the Harvard Center for Brain Science. In this work, I investigated the cognitive mechanisms and consequences associated with people’s diverse views on morality. Access previews of my papers.

Under review
  •  Niemi, L., Hartshorne, J., Gerstenberg, T., Stanley, M., Young, L. (under review). Moral values pervade causal attribution: Evidence from the implicit verb causality task and explicit judgments.
  • Niemi, L. Roussos, G., Young, L. (under review). Political partisanship alters the causality implicit in verb meaning.
  • Henne, P., Niemi, L., Pinillos, A, De Brigard, F., Knobe, J. (under review). A counterfactual explanation of the omission effect.
  • Stanley, M., Henne, P., Niemi, L., Sinnott-Armstrong, W., De Brigard, F. (under review). Making moral principles suit yourself.
  • Niemi, L. & Young, L. (in revision). A conceptual semantics analysis of contamination and injury reveals new boundaries between impurity and harm.
  • Nizzi, M-Ch. & Niemi, L. (in preparation). Impaired sense of self predicts suicidal thoughts and behaviors in survivors of sexual assault.
  • Niemi, L. (in preparation). Effects of being an agent and patient of sexual assault on judging causation for generic sexual assault among third parties.
  • Niemi, L. & Cordes, S. (in prep). The arts and economic vitality: Leisure time interest in the art predicts entrepreneurship and innovation at work. [NEA Research Report]

*Contributed equally

Name changed from Laura Niemi Young (Young, L. N.) to Laura Niemi (Niemi, L.) in 2013.